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For a bit of relaxation, let yourself be carried away by the calm of the Ode Vras beach, located just behind the campsite. For those who love to glide, come to one of the best kitesurfing spots! The campsite is a stopover point for the GR34 hiking path and the cycle route and is ideally situated to enjoy the natural heritage of the surrounding area. The site will also delight lovers of fishing on foot, cycling, sand yachting or horses (Keremma riding school opposite the campsite). As far as heritage is concerned, there is no shortage of chapels and castles in the area. Between two strolls in the dunes of Keremma, don't hesitate to relax at the Casino of Plouescat or to take your children to play a nice game of mini-golf. 

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Plounévez-Lochrist, a dynamic rural and coastal village is located in the Pays du Léon on the north coast of Finistère. It has 2500 inhabitants on 4000 hectares.


Agriculture is an important part of the economic activity and especially vegetable production (artichokes, cauliflower, shallots, onions) as well as animal husbandry (pigs, cattle, rabbits).


Plounévézian businesses and shops generate 150 jobs in the commune, which is also known for its dynamic associations. Indeed, more than thirty associations, cultural, sports, school ... are present on our territory.


Plounévez-Lochrist, is watered by four rivers which meander through its territory, the Frout, the Rest, the Kerrus and the Kérallé, digging picturesque valleys. Hiking trails will lead you, between land and sea, to discover its territory and its heritage.

More info: and on the Facebook page: Plounevez-Lochrist town hall.

Intercommunal paths (on foot, on horseback, by bike)


3 departures are possible from the Kerrus valley: towards the Kernic bay to join the GR 34, via Creac'hoal, Kerderné, Pont-Pouloudou, Kersabiec. Towards the village via Kerivin from which you can observe the feudal mound of Tournus, and towards Plouescat by taking the sunken path that climbs steeply up to Kernévez. Like the feudal mound, this narrow and deep communication path, bordered by very high, heavily stoned slopes, belongs to the highest antiquities of Plounévez.

Communal paths (internal loops)

From the valley of Pont d'Arm, several routes are offered: the one that runs along Lochrist and the one that runs along the Rest through Traon Boz, Kergoal, and Pillac; these paths meet at Brétouaré and commonly lead to the beaches of Ode Vras and its long ribbon of fine sand.

Pont d'Arm Valley Trail

Halfway between village, coast and agricultural plateau, the valley of Pont-d'Arm offers nearly 5 hectares of a green setting protected from the winds.

> Public: family, young people

> Development: 1 edutainment trail, in the heart of the valley, punctuated with workshops, places of inspiration ...

>Type of route: Pedestrian

> Duration: less than 2 hours


The Maison des Dunes welcomes you and guides you in your discovery of the dunes of Keremma, the largest in North Finistère. You will discover these dunes, of an exceptional richness through the free visit of the TEVENN Discovery Centre, the new interpretation path in free access or during the numerous nature activities proposed.


Vast indentation in the Finisterian coastline, the bay of Goulven and the dunes of Keremma form a remarkable landscape. Sometimes shaped by man, sometimes by winds and tides, they offer a surprisingly unusual landscape on the Breton coast.

Dunes as far as the eye can see, immense white sand beaches that open up to the horizon at low tide, birds by the thousands, remarkable flora, a surprising human history, historical and military remains, hiking trails...

> Gliding sports: kitesurfing school and other water sports nearby.

> Mini-Golf : in Plouescat

> Casino : Plouescat

> Village of peasant-fishermen: Meneham, in Kerlouan

> The privateer city: Roscoff

> A City of Art and History: Saint-Pol-de-Léon

> Océanopolis : Brest

> The Recreation of the 3 Priests : Milizac